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Valuing the Things of the Earth

from: Hazrat Inayat Khan -

The Purpose of Life - Connected to the Earth

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We human beings have not been born on the earth to simply eat, drink and sleep, as all the lower creations do, but we have been born on earth to learn how to use this fertile earth to our best advantage, how to appreciate the treasures this earth holds, and how to use them rightly. And it is thus that we human beings become connected with the earth. The soul comes from heaven and its connection with the earth carries in it a secret which leads towards the purpose of our life.

It is easy for a person to say, ‘We come from heaven and we are bound for heaven, and while dwelling for some days on this earth what is there that belongs to us? Besides, is it not all sinful, all that belongs to the earth? It is better to escape from it and leave all this which in the end is worthless.’

This is true, but it is not natural. The natural thing is to be able to appreciate all that is created on the earth. We appreciate it by valuing it. The beauty of the mineral kingdom which we see in jewels and gems, each one more beautiful than the other, is not something to be overlooked; to see that through a stone the divine light shines, making that stone incomparably greater than the pebbles on the road; to see what a wonderful phenomenon it is that even in a stone God shows His beauty.

The perfection of flowers, the sweetness of fruits, the delicate flavors of different products of the earth do not seem to have been created for no purpose. In gold, in silver, in metal, in all objects we see in the world, there seems to be a certain purpose to be accomplished here. And the one who is afraid of it, afraid that it will take hold of him, runs away. And what does he do? He loses both, heaven and earth. He has left heaven already, and he is leaving the earth. The one who holds it is buried under it. It grows on him and swallows him; that is another aspect of the earth and its law.

But the one who understands the purpose of the earth and of its treasures uses them to the best advantage, not only for himself but for his fellow human beings - that is the person who lives in this world fulfilling the purpose of his life..

Success is in store for the faithful,

for faith ensures success.


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