Sohbet of the Week (20 - 21)

Aspects of a Living Ideal - 7

There was on the one side the institutional and outward appearance as done up by the leading followers’ cosmetics, but this remained marginal to the actual development of his own Sufi vision and teachings, the substance of his work and the ideals and ideas expressed in it. This is what outside observers and students often fail to take into account.

This dual process – Hazrat Inayat Khan’s creative elaboration of his Sufi teachings, and mureeds’ interpretation and formalized versions for them, continued alongside each other much of the London and all of the Suresnes periods. The latter formed by those ‘Summer School’ years at once stylishly serene and chaotically creative, throughout brimful elation: a sense of attainment and achievement shared by all.

What always will remain striking in the extent to which the person and life’s work of Mawlâbakhsh constituted too the mould and pattern of Hazrat Inayat Khan’s.

To begin with, of course music bad been India’s noblest art for uncounted generations; only its apogee – mysticism realized through meditative awareness – a yet higher attainment, the very fuflfilment of human life itself.

Mahmood Khan Youskine Den Haag

*             *             *

With deep gratitude to you, dear Mahmood, for your wide work, friendship, and testimony.


Dear friends, here are the collected 'Sohbets' of 2021, much joy listening!