Somewhere in this world lives a group of beggars.

They look how one expects beggars to look like; but their eyes sparkle, they do not complain about their destiny, nor do they seem to worry.

These beggars have a secret, a tiny one, nothing special: Every morning, after rising from sleep, they perform a little exercise: They slip through the eye of a needle, to make sure that they do not ask too much for themselves.

Then they greet each other with the words: 'Good Morning, King of Kings!


The 'Eye of the Needle' is an allegory, with which Jesus tried to explain a context for his disciples. In our ears and frame of understanding it sounds a little absurd: 'A camel through the eye of the needle'...

But if we observe the cultural context, in which Jesus explained this, more carefully, we come to a very practical understanding:

In oriental markets - with which Jesus and his disciples obvisouly were more than familiar, just as today jewish and muslim people, many small lanes lead to the central marketplace, where all exchange takes place; these small lanes resemble the 'eye of the needle' in the allegory.

If now a 'rich man' packs so many goods and concepts on the back of his camel, that he cannot even reach the marketplace, so he will not reach his aim, the exchange and communication he desires - everyday wisdom.


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