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The God Ideal - 3

from: Hazrat Inayat Khan:

'Religious Gathekas'

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Although there may be no trace of the personality of God on the surface, yet we can see that there is a source from which all personality comes, and a goal to which all must return. And if there is one source, what a great personality that one source must be! It cannot be learned by great intellect or even by the study of metaphysics or comparative religion, but only understood by a pure and innocent heart full of love.

The great personalities who have descended on earth from time to time to awaken in human beings that love which is his divine inheritance, found echo in innocent souls rather than in great intellects. Human beings often confuse wisdom with cleverness and cleverness with wisdom. But these two are different; we can be wise and not clever, and we can be clever and not wise. By cleverness a person will strive and strive and will not reach. It is a stream, the stream of love, which leads towards God.

There is a story of a king who was travelling and hunting in the woods, and the king was hungry and stopped at the house of a peasant who treated him very kindly. When the king was leaving this peasant, he was so touched with his kindness that without telling him he was a king he said to him, ‘Take this ring, and if ever you are in trouble, come to me in the city and I will see what I can do for you.’ After a time there was a famine and the peasant was in great trouble; his wife and child were dying, and he set out to see this man.

Of course, when he showed the ring he was brought to the king. When he entered the room he saw the king busy in prayer, and when the king came near to him he said, ‘What were you doing?’ ‘Praying for peace and love and happiness among my subjects.’ ‘So there is a greater one than you, to whom you must go for what you seek? Then I will go to Him who is greater and on whom even your destiny depends.’ He would accept no help, and at last the king had to send what was needed quietly to his home, first saying that no one must tell him that it came from the king.

The idea is that it is not only belief but faith which is necessary. Belief is a thing, but faith is a living being. The warners and teachers of humanity and the great preachers who have come from time to time when darkness prevailed, what message did they bring? Did they bring new religions or new theories to the world? No. Jesus Christ said, ‘I have not brought a new law, but I have come to fulfill the law.’ Who else at any time could bring a new theory? The scientist perhaps, but not the messenger of Inner Life. Then what did the message of Inner Life bring? It brought to the world a living God, a light hidden beyond words. With the message of Inner Life God has sent His life and light upon the world.

The work the Sufi movement is destined to do in the present epoch is to bring about a better understanding among the followers of the different religions. The Sufi message is not a new message, although it strikes the note of the day. It is the re-echo of the same voice heard in all ages. At the present time, when races, nations, and the followers of different religions are all against each other, a word of unity and peace alone can unite all together in God.

The Sufi Work is not that of a community and not a religion; it is a nucleus of the human brotherhood which is the inner call of every soul. The Sufi message is given to all nations; it is a call to all races and to the followers of all religions. It teaches people to follow whatever religion they may profess, but to follow it truly and understand it better; not only to believe in God and the words of Christ, but to have faith in Him and His divine word. We must think of the tolerance of the master and of his forgiveness and what the world would be today if we had it too.

If we follow the natural religion -- that divine impulse that is in every heart -- then we shall be living the true religion.

All souls in the world are receptacles of the message of God;

not only human beings, but even the lower creation

convey the message of the One and Only Being.


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