Ud Zyriab, Andalusí music and the five-stringed 'Ud

and other relations between Andalusia,

the moorish culture and the flamencos

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Dear friends and musicians,

Listen and read what Zyriab created in the 9th century!

Sometimes a single human being brings an entire culture to flourish

an Ebook about the life of Zyriab - click here.





Muhiyiddin Muhammad Ibn Arabi (1165-1240)

born in Murcia, lived in Seville and Jaen

Sufi, who travelled far (died in Damascus)

is considered the 'pole of knowledge' in the Sufi world

was befriended with Mevlânâ Jelaleddin Rumi, the 'Pole of Love'

If you happen to be in Córdoba, don't forget to visit the tower across the Mezquita, on the other side of the Guadalquivir, there we can learn much about the time when Muslims, Jews and Christians lived together harmoniously and enriched each other's cultures - Torre de la Calahorra.

And don't miss Medina Azahara - closeby



Saying of Rabia Al-Adawiya - found in a café in the old town of Cordoba.


Antonio Nuñez, 'El Chocolate'

(1931 in Jerez de la Frontera)

Cantaor Flamenco


Ruth St. Denis

(1879 in Newark - 1968)

Dance pioneer in the Sufi tradition,

linked to Hazrat Inayat Khan and the

'Dances of Universal Peace'


Mihrab in Cordoba

The mihrab is the niche, focal point in a mosque

dedicated to the mother of holy Jesus.



Paco Barba, a dear friend and guitarmaker