Sohbet of the Week (38 - 23)

The Minqār-i-mūsīqār of Inayat Khan and its history – 26

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A technical description of the Sanskrit measures of beats (mātrā) and their subdivisions (laghu, drut, guru, etc.) follows, conveying the intricacy and sophistication of the Indian theories of musical time. A large section of the tāl chapter consists of a long list of ‘current tāls’.

Here Inayat Khan names 200 tāls and gives for each the Sanskrit-based notations that denote overall length and internal subdivisions.

Like the rāg chart, this is of little practical use, since tāls in modern practice are largely understood by the drum patterns that express them (thekā). The intention here was again to demonstrate the heritage of the tāl tradition.

In a later part of the book Inayat Khan gives us the thekās of eighteen tāls, and he makes then use of twelve different tāls in the song notations.

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