Sohbet of the Week (31 - 22)

Music in the Life of Hazrat Inayat Khan - 22

Inayat Khan evokes in the mind of a spiritually oriented and musically acquainted listener as a Sufi playing a Vīnā that vibrates through the totality of being, ‘lifting the thought above the denseness of matter’. His subtle perception of art is revealed in his explanation of psychometry:

‘It is learning the language that the objects speak; that apart from the colour or form an object has there is something in that object that speaks to you. Either it belongs to that object or it belongs to the one who has used it; but it is in the object’.

Inayat Khan’s notion of Sāngīt was a holistic one, integrating Gāyan (vocal music), Vādan (instrumental music) and Nritya (dance). His complex cultural outlook grew out of the transformation of his personal identity, accomplished with full consciousness under the enlightening guidance of his Sufi Murshid.

In this way he gleaned philosophical perspectives and gained, as a kind of gift, mystical insights into the very psyche of the music that he had been privileged to inherit.

His music moulded his being, shaping it into a sensitive receptacle for ‘the music of the spheres’, anāhat nād, unstruck music, the primordial sound from which all words of wisdom flow.

Thus, through harmony, accord, rhythm and interplay, Inayat Khan discovered in music the inner balance of the cosmos.

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