Sohbet of the Week (38 - 21)

Aspects of a Living Ideal - Hazrat Inayat Khan - 16

India, meanwhile, to the four brothers had kept looming large. The Sufi constitutional rules of 1917 still contained an introductory paragraph stating: ‘Khankah, the Head-quarters of the Sufi Order was, therefore (i.e. as ‘the message of the Sufi Order was brought to the West’), for the time being, being removed from India and temporarily established in London.

India being, however, the permanent seat of this. It is to be in London until the stay of Inayat Khan, the Pir-o-Murshid and Representative terminates, unless another decision is made in the Executive Council’.

And in 1918, Hazrat Inayat Khan wrote letters to Baroda aimed at his and his brothers’ joint return there.

Mahmood Khan Youskine, Den Haag


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With deep gratitude to you, dear Mahmood, for your wide work and sobriety, your friendship and testimony.


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