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Sufi Poems – Sa’adi - 8

Sa'adi, a Persian Sufi poet, 1210 to 1292, lived in Shiraz; but like many he also travelled extensively, Baghdad, Syria, Palestine, the Arabian Peninsula, perhaps even as far as India - but this is not ascertained.

He compiled his poems into two main works, Bustan (Garden of Fragrances) and Gülistan (Rose Garden). Many subsequent poets over the centuries have drawn inspiration from these.

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In Love


In Love there are neither days nor nights,

for lovers they are all the same.


The musicians have gone, yet the Sufis listen;

in Love there is a beginning, but no end.


Each has a name for his Beloved,

but for me my Beloved is nameless.


Sa'adi, if you wish to destroy an idol,

then destroy the idol of the self.


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