Sohbet of the Week (28 - 24)

Hydrabad poetry around 1910 – 7

Hazrat Inayat Khan, during his stay at the Court of the Nizam of Hydrabad around 1910, collected a rich variety of poetry and music, which is published in the ‘Minqār-i-Musiqār’, presented in our earlier Sohbets – the book is available at Sulukpress.

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Ghazal of Amir – Rāg Jhinjhoti Zilā, Tāl Dādrā


Holy Crown-wearer of both worlds,

Call me now to your feet!


The world is an oppressor,

and the age is oppressive.

I have fallen into the clutches

of two betrayers.


May they not freeze me after burning me-

My cold sighs, my hot groans.


To whom but you can anyone call out?

You who take pity on the afflicted.


Shell of isolation, globe of frailty;

Amir, just how long can you protect your heart?


*             *             *



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