Hazrat Inayat Khan in Zurich

a historic document of his visit

and lecture of November 21st, 1922

Dear friends,

We know from the historic files in Suresnes that Hazrat Inayat Khan visited Zurich, and when I came across the lecture he held here, of course I was curious to find out if there had been any reaction or comment in the newspapers here. So I inquired in the archives of the 'Neue Zürcher Zeitung', and indeed, in December 1922, an article had appeared, commenting on the lecture of Hazrat Inayat Khan.

The article reflects how the tireless efforts of Inayat Khan had often been received. Please have a look at these historic documents in PDF-click!

Lecture on the interdependence of Inner and Outer Life

Article of the 'Neue Zürcher Zeitung' on his lecture