Reflections V - I - 22

Aspects of Sufi Viewpoints

by Hidayat I. Khan - see book 'Geistige Freiheit' - click here

Intuition is a more subtle form of our natural instinct, and comes as a response to a momentary stimulus interpreted according to stored impressions, manifesting either as an action taken, or in the form of imagination. But as soon as reason comes into the picture, both imagination and conscious actions are then challenged, thereby potentially destroying the contents of the message intuitively received.

Hazrat Inayat Khan, in his seventeen years of work in the West (from 1910 until 1927) has travelled extensely, in Europe, in Russia and the United States, and he has left us a widespread wisdom which covers all aspects of human life on this earth.

Here the reflections throw their light upon a certain aspect, and, dear friends, if you wish to follow them every day, you will certainly discover a golden thread which links one sentence to the other; and there might appear, before your inner perception, something which every individual, in his or her own way, could discover something like 'the map of my own life'...